Why Should You Have Regular Post-Acute Rehab Equipment Calibration?

Calibration refers to the procedure of comparing measurements made by an instrument against a known average, to verify the precision of readings produced by it. Adjustments or repairs are conducted to correct errors, and a comprehensive calibration report shows measurements taken before and after the test.

These measurements also require being perceptible to an international standard. Given the impact of measurements from medical equipment on public health and safety, Rehabs need to follow ISO/IEC 17025:2005 requirements throughout testing, calibration plus sampling activities. We at ERS Medical are experts in handling Post-Acute Rehab Equipment Calibration.

Why Do We Need Rehab Equipment Calibration?

Here are some of the major reasons why Post Acute Rehab Equipment Calibration is so heavily synchronized in the biotech and medical sectors:

  • The precision of medical devices has a straight impact on patient health and safety, but also plays a vital role in determining the performance and competence of healthcare institutions.
  • All measuring devices misplace their accuracy over time due to normal wear and tear, ecological changes, manufacturing defects as well as other factors, but usual calibration corrects inaccuracies.
  • High precision is particularly important for instruments that come in straight contact with patients or those which are used to conclude a course of treatment, the state of a patient’s health, etc.
  • Imprecise measurements can consequence in a defective diagnosis, leading to redundant or ineffective treatment, erroneous prescriptions, referrals to other specialists and several other issues.
  • For companies that produce medical devices, defensive inspection, and preservation along with calibration of manufacturing and testing equipment can aid prevent breakdowns in product quality?

If you are seeking out professionals for Rehab Equipment Calibration, consider hiring ERS Medical as your service provider today.