Biomedical Equipment Repair Services

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance and Biomedical Equipment Calibration

ERS Medical offers biomedical equipment repair services that will be supportive for your patients, and flourish your business. We offer an inclusive repair and precautionary maintenance solution that will fit in your budget, along with keeping your equipment at patient-ready standards.

Our biomedical maintenance service ranges from repairing and servicing equipment of a single medical domain to equipment of the whole medical facility. With ERS Medical you select the services that you think are right for your system.

Why Choose Us

Quick reaction- ERS Medical's Biomedical Equipment Technicians are ready to assist when needed and they will reach you quickly if you are experiencing any technical glitch with your medical equipment.

Scheduled maintenance- At ERS Medical, our biomedical equipment technician offer scheduled equipment inspections for large or small healthcare organizations. We also offer off-site vendor management service on advanced equipment for biomedical equipment maintenance and biomedical equipment calibration.

On site repair- ERS Medical's technicians will be always available for on-site repair to solve technical glitches with high end equipment, so that your patients' life or well being will not be compromised.

Our partners under contract receive these special benefits

  • Equipment thoroughly serviced and kept patient-ready
  • Reduced repair cost, attention to details and reduced equipment downtime
  • Routine biomedical equipment calibration services, hence reduced replacement cost
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